AntHill X8 G-Inside

  • Manufacturer: AntsRussia
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Ant farm AntHill X8 G-Inside is a formicarium with gypsum nest, the chambers of which are located on the side of the arena

The nest is made of gypsum and framed with acrylic from all sides to prevent excessive moisture evaporation. For autonomic humidify there are 2 chambers with hydrogel which serves as a barrier for excessive moistening, as well as a buffer that retains moisture with a lack of moisture.

Autonomic maintenance of humidity level within 10-14 days.

The total volume of the nest chambers is 110 cm3.

Nest dimensions: 200 x 105 x 20 mm.

This nest is suitable for almost all species except Atta/Acromyrmex (Leaf ants) and Oecophylla (Weaver ants).

Maximum number of colony with the average size of individuals and filling 70% of the nest:
- 4 mm: ~ 7000 pcs;
- 8 mm: ~ 700 pcs;
- 15 mm: ~ 400 pcs.

Nest's space is divided by partitions into 6 independent compartments, which provides fine tuning of the nest when the residential space of the young colony expands.

The delivery set includes a drinking bowl made of a test tube with outside diameter 16 mm and length 150 mm.

If there is a need to expand the arena space and also to connect the nests on the side walls are provided 2 holes with inside diameter 12 mm.

Overall dimensions of arena: 230 х 190 х 130 mm.

The cover of the arena has dimensions of 160 x 120 mm.

The walls of the formicarium are made of acrylic 3 mm thickness, this provides rigidity and reliability of the structure.
Completely new knots of wall bracing between walls provide excellent durability and prevent any gaps between parts.

Overall dimensions of formicarium: 290 х 200 х 120 mm.

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1 smwhdijk • 10:57 PM, 03.12.2018
When will this be available for the EU (Netherlands)?