Ponerinae-Nest Medium

  • Manufacturer: AntsRussia
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This model is a 3D-printing module nest - Ponerinae module and a medium-sized arena.

The nest of the formicaria has a gypsum base 14 mm thick, which inertially compensates for humidity and ambient temperature changes. For autonomous moistening provided 4 test-tubes with outside diameter 10 mm and length 90 mm. The total volume of 17 ml tubes allows to achieve autonomous maintenance of the humidity level in the cavity of the nest within 6-7 days.

The total volume of the chambers is 80 cm3.
Nest dimensions: 80 mm x 80 x 14 mm.

This nest is designed to contain ants of the subfamily Ponerinae and is suitable for such species as Harpegnathos venator and Pachycondyla rufipes.

The maximum number of colony, which can fit into the nest of this formicarium about 100 pcs.

The nest is divided into two sections and has a partition for gradual settling. In addition, the gypsum base sections are not connected to each other, which allows you to maintain a different level of humidity in each section. This is necessary when the cocoons appear in the colony, to which excessive moisture is contraindicated.

The kit also includes a soil consisting of a mixture of quartz sand and a coconut substrate, as well as a red film that shields ants from an irritating factor like light.

The sight glass consists of two parts and is made removable for easy courting for the colony.

The delivery set includes a drinking bowl made of a test tube with outside diameter 16 mm and length 150 mm.

This model formica is equipped with an arena measuring: 210 x 140 x 110 mm.

The cover of the arena has dimensions of 170 x 100 mm and to ensure good ventilation is made with insets of stainless mesh.

If there is a need to expand the living space on the side wall of the arena, there is a second hole with inside diameter 10 mm, which at the moment is closed by a cap.

The overall dimensions of the formicarium: 240 x 260 x 115 mm.